We have experience with:
  • Tour Operators
  • Activity Suppliers
  • Transportation Providers
  • Youth Camps
  • Non-Profits
  • Domestic & International Businesses


Phone: (303) 469-0485

Our Mission

Resilient Solutions is committed to educating and advancing the Adventure Travel, Youth Camp, and Recreation industries by supporting its partners in the development and maintenance of effective management systems that strengthen organizational capabilities, protect business investments, and improve customer safety.

Our Philosophy

Travel and recreation industries are always evolving from business and participant perspectives. Heightened customer expectations in an increasingly litigious world force organizations to continually evaluate their risk and safety programs. The fact is, managing risk today is a business imperative that involves organizational commitment, leadership support, and flexible tools to strengthen and protect an organization.

To achieve desired outcomes, Resilient Solutions evaluates the broad spectrum of internal and external factors including technology dependencies, supplier relationships, human competencies, compliance requirements, and regional hazards. Gaining unbiased insight from a trained industry specialist has proven invaluable for improving personnel capabilities and business protection.

Resilient Solutions offers a range of services based on our four stage life-cycle that examines:

1) What threatens your business or your people?
2) What can be done about it?
3) How to react when something goes wrong?
4) How to remain effective as challenges evolve?

Whether looking to create a documented plan, exercise an existing plan, or reinvent an entire management program, Resilient Solutions offers unparalleled value for improving business resiliency. 

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