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A Note From Our Founder

Since the mid 1990's, I’ve devoted my personal and professional life to adventure travel, exploring North America extensively as both a guide and a tourist. Adventure travel is an exciting activity allowing participants freedom to enjoy unique experiences and opportunities to create lifelong memories. This style of travel, however, thrives on taking risks to reap these rewards. 

During my years as a professional guide and continuing through my time as Vice President of North America’s most reputable tour company, I managed hundreds of situations where travelers became victims to injury or crime. Most events were minor but others tragically involved the loss of human life. While each incident was unique, I discovered the unparalleled value of having structured, pre-planned procedures in place to manage uncertain and chaotic events.

I quickly became an advocate for the development of risk and emergency management planning. In fact, I returned to school to formalize my training and became one of an elite group to earn a specialized Master’s Degree in comprehensive risk management. Through this process, I became acutely aware of the limited support that travel and tourism professionals had for developing robust business protection and customer care programs. I felt obligated to do something and created Resilient Solutions to give back to the industry I cherished.
Everything we do at Resilient Solutions is catered to the individual needs and resources of our clients. We always prioritize our services
 on securing human safety, improving organizational capabilities, and protecting long-term functionality. What was born from a moral obligation has evolved into a lifelong commitment to bring specialized support to those in need. Join me in this rewarding journey and together we can create your resilient solution!

Wishing you safe and endless travels!

Dave Dennis
Adventure Enthusiast
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